Dark Side Of Being An Entrepreneur

Dark Side Of Being An Entrepreneur

by Satish Gaire December 05, 2018

A lot of people associate being an entrepreneur with crazy parties, jets & hanging out with celebrities because of how we are portrayed on tv, but the truth is very far from that.  

There is a hidden dark side about being an entrepreneur that a lot of people don’t talk about because they don’t want to portray that. 

#1. No Time for Basic Things

As an entrepreneur, you can forget about having a set eating schedule and taking care of yourself.    Many people assume that this only happens when you are starting off. However, that is not true.   In my early days of “wantrepreneur,” I had some crazy routines and schedules, such as waking up at 4 am to work and drinking kombucha (lol).  However, once I began to generate a considerable amount of income, had to give up on all those routines.   I never woke up at 4 am.  I woke up when I could, because I was too tired from working until 4 am the night before and my schedule was very messed up.

A few months ago, it had gotten to the point that I had to set an alarm on my phone to eat, because I used to forget to eat for an entire day.

#2. Our Relationships Are Suffering

I’ll be the first to admit it.  Yes, I am trying to improve my relationships. However, most of us are struggling to manage our relationships with friends, family and significant others.

This is because as an entrepreneur, we don’t have a proper schedule that we can stick to.  For example, if I am supposed to go to a party and I get a call from my network administrator that there are issues on the server, I am ditching the party.

#3. Sleepless, Stressful Nights

If you work for someone, you just have to show up and pretend to be working for one hour out of your eight hours. If you do that much, you will be paid. As an entrepreneur, there are no guarantees.

In a normal job, if your company loses a client, you will still get paid. If we lose a client, we will get paid less. Therefore, we always have to make sure that our pipeline is full and that we are hustling every day.

In a normal month, this is what happens:

  • 1st of each month: Will I make it? Will we be able to close those deals?
  • 15th of each month: Phew, we made it.
  • 25th of each month:  Will we make it next month?

Despite all of this, is this worth it?    

If you want a comfortable life, you should go to school to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc.  This will likely guarantee that you have a stable income coming in. However, if you want to experience life to the fullest with all the ups and downs that it has to offer, become an entrepreneur. If you want to meet and work with world’s brightest and craziest people, become an entrepreneur.  If you want to have no income ceiling, become an entrepreneur. Yes, I am asking you to ditch your comfortable life and instead become an entrepreneur.

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Satish Gaire

Satish Gaire is an internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is known as the “King of SaaS” platforms in the industry. In his 10-year career, he has launched over 700+ software products online. These software has helped millions of people worldwide operate and expand their business.

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