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Learn proven ways to start creating the side income that you have always wanted.

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Secret to a successful business is consntat supply of new leads on the pipeline.

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Words do have the power change world & make you loads of money.

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Learn the art of buying & selling domains.  Actionable ideas that you can put into affect in next hour

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After hosting OVER 1000+ webinars,  I know the exact formula to help you create a successful webinar.

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As a owner of Podmio,  I know things that average “podcast consultant” doesn’t. Let me reavel them to you.

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About Satish Gaire

Satish Gaire is an internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is known as the “King of SaaS” platforms in the industry. In his 10-year career, he has launched over 700+ software products online. These softwares have helped millions of people worldwide operate and expand their business.

Satish has also started many companies to help businesses. This includes DirectPay, WooAgents, myDentalWebsite, BookSmartr and many more.

Satish’s mission is to help humanity by spreading the knowledge that he has gained from his many years of doing internet marketing and running his own business. He wants to help others to achieve the same level of success. His ultimate goal is to put a smile on your face, through his podcasts, videos, speeches and courses.

More About Satish
Satish Gaire Podcast

Podcast host Satish Gaire brings you two of the world’s top podcasts to help you in your personal and professional life.

The Happy Dose Podcast focuses on life, motivational, and happiness advice. Satish and his various guests and co-hosts challenge and inspire you to get everything possible out of your daily life.

The goal of the EvilSalesman Podcast is to give listeners the best innovative sales advice. Satish shares his insights from his many years of sales experience to bring you a new and fresh approach that you can use with your next client.

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