Make Money With Your Mask On 😷

Make Loads Of Recurring Cash Selling This Software To Doctors and Dentists

Let Your Clients & Customers Check-In With Their Devices

Full Source Code Include ($5,000 Value)

How It Works?

Step #1

Provide Your Clients With Your Custom URL

Once you install and set up OfficeVisitorX on your domain name, you will see a custom URL for your clients to sign in. You provide this URL to your clients so when they arrive at your office they can visit it and check-in. 

Step #2

Your Clients Check-In

All your clients have to do is fill out the form and click the check-in button. That’s it! 

It takes less than 30 seconds to check in.

Step #3

Your Clients Check-Out

Whenever your clients are done with their meeting or appointment at your office, they can check out.

The go to your URL got to the check-out page, and then find their name. Simple as that! 

Timeline Of Your Clients

See exactly who visited your office today. You can see the check-in and check-out times in a timeline order.

All Your Clients Information On One Dashboard

Powerful Clean Dashboard

What Are All The Features?

  •   Visitor record keeping
  •   Real time visitor tracking
  •   Web based Check in / Check out kiosk
  •   Dashboard visitor analytics
  •   Track daily visitor with timeline
  •   Unlimited Accounts
  •   User role and User permission system
  •   Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile responsive interface support
  •   Runs on the cloud and desktop with self-hosted solution
  •   Free lifetime updates
  •   Fully customizable

What Will I receive?

You will get everything that you need to make $ with this.

  • Source Code
  • Marketing Materials
  • How to Find businesses
  • How to Approach Them
  • Email and Phone Swipes
  • Sales Page
  • Live Webinar/On-Demand

Early Bird Ends In:


Price That's "No Brainer"

All Accounts Come With ALL the features with UNLIMITED END-USER Usage. Only difference is How many businesses you want to sell this to. Up to 100 or Unlimited.

100 Users Reseller

OfficeVisitorX PRO 100 Users

Good if you just want to sell to up to 100 Businesses. No Other Limitation

Unlimited Users Reseller

OfficeVisitorX PRO Unlimited Users

Reseller Lets you sell to Unlimited #s of Businesses.
No other limitations.

NO Bullshit OTOs

We are ONLY offering CREDIT/DEBIT card Payments for this product because of the low price & On top, PayPal Holds our payments for 30 days stopping cashflow.   All Payments are processed by STRIPE & We do not receive Card information at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can I Sell This To?
You can sell this to anyone who has an office. Docs, Dentist, Chiropractor, Staffing agency etc.

2. Will you help me sell this?
Yes, We provide All training, marketing materials and webinar with step by step guide.

3. How much can I expect to make from this?
There is no income guaranteed, we cannot do that due to laws, but our customers are making $4-7k a month selling this.

4. Is there any limitations?
There is no limitations, Only limitation is how many businesses you want to sell this to? 100 or unlimited.


Try our platform without any risk for 30 days without any limitations.  Only Keep it If you see value in it.   30 days Money back guarantee. 

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