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Never-Ever Seen Technology To Collect Leads Like Rockstar!

Instantly Build Lead Magnets & Collect Leads Within Minutes.

What can i do with LeadSurge?

  1. Collect Leads 
  2. Do Complex Surveyes
  3. Create Quizes
  4. Fully customize Everything
  5. Add Start & End Times
  6. Create multiple step process – Drag & Drop
  7. Save & Export results
  8. Customize Background and button Colors
  9. No Branding –  None of our Branding
  10. Embed On Your Website
  11. Send Directly via Email

Fully Customize The Experience

Make It The Way You Want

  • Fully customizable
  • Customize Background and button Colors
  • Add Welcome & Thank Your Page
  • Redirect To Outside URL
  • Create Multiple Step Form

Best Analaytics Is Just A Click Away

Instantly Export Your Leads & Results Anytime.

Send Quizes/ Surveys & Lead Forms Directly From LeadSurge Platform

Embed LeadSurge On Any Website: WordPress, InstaPage, ClickFunnels and everything else!

butttt Satish, How do i make moooneey from LeadSurge?

Don't Worry I will Show You, but some examples:

  1. Collect Leads
  2. Use Form To See How To Improve your company
  3. Resell Access ( if you buy reseller)

Will There Be A Webinar?

Yes, There will be a webinar in about 10 days from today where i give you MORE goodies. Webinar is recorded for those who cannot attend.... ( More Secrets will be revealed! )

Price That's "No Brainer"

All Accounts Come With UNLIMITED Access. There is NO LIMITATIONS.

Unlimited Access

LeadSurge Unlimited PRO

Once you click “ADD TO CART”, There is an option to upgrade to Reseller, which will allow you to create private accounts for your clients and sell them for profit.

NO Bullshit OTOs

We are ONLY offering CREDIT/DEBIT card Payments for this product because of the low price & On top, PayPal Holds our payments for 30 days stopping cashflow.   All Payments are processed by STRIPE & Authorize.net. We do not receive Card information at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this software work?
You create a lead forms using a few easy steps. You can share the link for the form or embed it on your website and collect leads.

2. What Stats will I see?
You will see all and every response on the form. You can even export this data into a CSV.

3.  What if I don’t like it?
If you don’t like it within 30 days of purchase, we will refund you no questions asked.

4. Is there any limitations?
Nope!, but you are responsible for your actions.   You can use this system without any limitations.


Try our platform without any risk for 30 days without any limitations.  Only Keep it If you see value in it.   30 days Money back guarantee. 

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